• The Right Direction

    The Man In Me gives you hope when you thought you were at the end of your road. We are here to turn you around..
  • Family Is a Priority

    We are the bridge for our children's future...
  • Man In Me

    Get Ready for "MEN TALK!" Join Man In Me as we bring all men together to for some REAL, RAW, and UNCUT straight talk!
  • Woman In Me

    Beautiful women come together to empower one another and network! Discussion on life, beauty, and faith!
  • We Are Men of Integrity

    "Maturity is the acceptance of responsibility"

Learn About Men's Health

Man Up! Take steps to live a safer and healthier life, and protect yourself from disease and injury. Make a point to schedule your check-up today.
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About The Man In Me

To restore hope in this generation for a positive transformation by strengthening our communities through opportunities for education and support.
Read More We believe that everyone is valuable and has something to offer...

The Woman In Me

We help women by speaking on real issues whether relational or family driven.
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